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Hi, I’m Mia Eames

A Sound & Video Producer trained in recording, mixing, sound design, audio editing, video editing & music production.  

November 2019 - 2020

Radio Assistant Engineer

Heartland FM

I am currently doing work experience with a radio station based in Pitlochary.


Key responsibilities:

  • Supported Radio Manager in improving operations and resolving issues to deliver radio professionally.

  • Utilised Logic Pro X, Adobe Audition and Myriad 5 Playout Software.

  • Efficiently edited audio to be broadcast.

  • Posted audio edits and videos on company and social media websites.

  • Upload files to online sharing systems and listen again site.

Audio/Track  Recording

Mixing & Mastering

Music Written/Producing

Audio Editing

Video Editing

Sound Design For A Video/Film

Music Video Creating/Editing

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HNC Sound Production (Perth College, Scotland)

Date (August 2016 - June 2017)

BSc. Audio Engineering
(University of Highlands & Islands, Scotland)

Date (September 2017 - May 2019)

BSc.(Honours) Audio Engineering
(University of Highlands & Islands, Scotland)

First Class

Date (September 2019 - 2020) 

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Audio Editing


Music Composition


Video Editing



Gavin Paterson

Studio 1790


"Working with Mia is easy and natural. She has a good ear and works really well under time constraints. Would highly recommend!"

Bruce Patterson

Heartland Media Hub

Development Manager

"Mia was a great addition to our team during her time with us and I can recommend her highly. She was keen to take on everything we gave her to do and always worked well to produce a positive outcome."




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